Final stage of training

Why is it necessary and what do you need to know?

The purpose of the final stage of training (a.k.a. winter driving course) is to extend your knowledge regarding road safety and eco-driving, and to give you driving skills for driving on slippery roads.

The final stage of training must be completed by every holder of a provisional driving licence of a category B motor vehicle. The provisional driving licence is valid for two years. If you fail to pass the final stage of training during this time, your right to drive will be suspended and you will be unable to get your next driving licence (which is valid for 10 years).

You can proceed to the final stage of training as soon as you have obtained your provisional driving licence. Do not leave the final stage of training to the last moment; instead, complete it early.

How long does the final stage of training last?

The training consists of four theory lessons and two driving lessons, one of which takes place on a special training ground. One lesson lasts 45 minutes.

What does the final stage of training consist of?

THEORETICAL COURSE – three theory lessons take place in the classroom and one lesson in the form of practical training at the training ground. This means that the teacher explains and demonstrates the behaviour of the car on a slippery road. It is possible to partially complete the theory training in a form of e-learning, for example, in the e-environment of Liikluslab. Most driving schools in Estonia are partners of Liikluslab, choose a driving school on their website.

DRIVING COURSE – one driving lesson is dedicated to eco-driving and is conducted in road traffic. The second driving lesson is organised on the training ground for the final stage of training, where you practice driving on a slippery road.

Do I have to complete my final training at the same school where I studied?

No, you can choose a driving school that suits you.

How much does the final stage of training cost?

You need to consider an amount of €120–150. The price of the training depends on the driving school.

I took the driving test in a vehicle equipped with a manual transmission and I want to complete the final stage of training in a vehicle equipped with an automatic transmission. Is this allowed?

Yes. In addition, in some driving schools, it is possible to complete the final stage of training with your personal car.

Can I complete the training at any time during the year?

Yes, and it certainly makes sense to complete the training before slippery conditions arrive – if you obtained your provisional driving licence in May, for example, you could complete the training in autumn to be ready to drive in more difficult traffic conditions.

I got a ticket for a traffic violation. Can I proceed to the final stage of training?

It depends on the circumstance and what the penalty is. If your right to drive has been withdrawn as a punishment, then the right to drive is also recognised as having been revoked and there is no point in the final stage of training. If you have a traffic violation that did not result in the revocation of your right to drive, you may participate in the training.

If someone says that the primary driving licence can be extended, i.e. replaced with a new primary driving licence, this is untrue!